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What is sMoneybox and what kind of service it does provide?

Smoneybox is a simple online wallet, which can be used for monitoring of your personal finance data.


Do I pay for the sMoneybox service?

No, sMoneybox is completely FREE of charge!


What about the safety of my data?

Your data is completely safe. TOPTAX innovations a.s. được đăng ký với Văn phòng Bảo vệ Dữ liệu Cá nhân theo số đăng ký 00073574.


I worry that sMoneybox is too complex for me.

sMoneybox is a very flexible system. It depends solely on your decision which parts of it you‘d like to use. E.g. if you only want one account, you will not be exposed to setting it up at all. You are not obliged to use filters with the list of transactions. Categories, budgets or recurring transactions do not have to be used. Our system will provide you with a very simple version as well as with a rather complex one, to give you wholesome and complete overview of your personal finances.


How do I figure out how much I spent?

On the right side of the Transaction list, there is a filter that allows you to select only those records you currently require. The use of the filter is very intuitive. Also, category labels in the transaction list are clickable, so that you can quickly select proper category without searching. After your filters are set, summarization of incomes, expenses and balance will be displayed at the bottom of the list.


I keep my own books on my incomes and expenses. Is there a simple way to transfer my data into sMoneybox, without having to add the records one by one?

Yes, if you are keeping your books in electronic (computer) form, you can import your records. sMoneybox is able to import data from two common formats CSV and XML, to which most systems can also export. Import is intuitive and easy. You do not have deal with any complex procedures.


I keep my own books on my incomes and expenses in another system. It however does not offer same possibilities as sMoneybox. Can I simply transfer my data to sMoneybox?

Yes, in case your present system allows to export data. In that case you can import exported records into sMoneybox. If by chance sMoneybox does not support your exported data format, please contact us at info@smoneybox.com.


I execute recurring transactions every month. E.g. saving money for pension insurance. Does sMoneybox allow for automatic execution of such payment orders?

Yes, sMoneybox provides user with automatic executions of his recurring transactions. After you login to the application, choose „Recurring transactions“ in the left menu. In the upper right corner there is a button for creating new recurring transaction. You have to choose account, recurring transaction validity and date of next payment execution.


Can I set a limit for category to get a warning after it has been exceeded?

Yes, each category allows for a budget setting. After it‘s limit is reached you can get a warning if you request. User can choose from daily, weekly, monthly or yearly budget type.


Can I keep books on multiple accounts under one registered user?

Right after registration you will only have one default account. If you wish to add other accounts, choose „Accounts“ in the left menu and add them one by one.


Where can I change my email or password?

Email and password can be changed in your profile settings. Your new email address must be unique.


Why should I set a time zone?

sMoneybox is used worldwide and some operations are time-dependent. If you wish to see times according to your time zone, it needs to be properly set.


I often add transactions consisting of multiple items. Is there a simple way to count them?

Yes. sMoneybox has a built-in calculator, you can use while adding a transaction. In the „Amount field you can perform simple mathematic operations like ( 2 * 8 )/4 + 60, negative amount is automatically considered as expense.


Is there a way to cancel my user account?

Yes, your user account can be canceled. You will also loose all your transaction data and settings. Canceling of your account is irrevocable! If you wish to cancel your account, please contact us at info@smoneybox.com.


How do I properly import and export data?

Data Export and import is designed to archive your records or recover them into sMoneybox from another source. Before you export your data from the application, choose the account from which you want your data exported. Pick the format of the exported file, XML or CSV (for CSV you also must select a delimiter) and set the encoding of the output file.

To import data, select or create an account you want your data imported to. Choose correct file format and select delimiter and encoding according to the parameters of the file you are going to import data from. Before you perform the import, check that the destination account is in the same currency as is the intended currency of your imported transactions. Account currency can only be set when there are no transactions on the account.