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What about future balance?

*Anonym:* Hi, there is no graph showing foture balance, only this simple text message.

16. 08. 2010, 09:19

Hi! I see a message like that: "you will run out of money in 87 days". I'd like to see a graph showing balance program until that date... Regards!

14. 08. 2010, 00:33

*dubrox:* Hi, it looks interesting. Maybe we will implement this functionality in next development cycle. Thanks.

12. 07. 2010, 09:22

+1 for future balance! i've been using a complex spreadsheet till now to graph my future balance, i really don't need to log what i already spent, but I really need to know how much I can spend at the present without making my balance negative in the future. Regular payments and future known payments make this statistic possible, but I couldn't find any way to obtain a future balance graph anywhere in this website. Please add it, is the only thing I really miss!

10. 07. 2010, 00:57

Hi, not sure anyone has asked this already, but here I am. I like to view my expenses throughout the month however I can only see this separately by looking at the Money and Periodic Records (or something like that as I am translating the portuguese version). I would like somewhere I could see my expenses from one data until a future one so I can have a consolidated view of what I can or cannot spend. Thanks

09. 11. 2008, 23:08