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Some feature requests

*Mariachi:* You can use "Categories budget" to setup this limits. Please try it and report if this feature is what you mean.

25. 10. 2010, 15:50

I think it would be useful to have a feature with MONTHLY LIMITS where people could set a minimum value for each month depending on the category or not and when that value is reached or is near beein reached send a warning or something like that. Like alarms, or something like that. Can you see the ideia? Thanks Gonçalo from Portugal.

20. 10. 2010, 15:06

*Tomáš Pavelka:* Hm. That's very bad. Actually my problem is that I receive money in USD, and then convert them to russian rubles. This exchange operations appear as I need money. I think I can't track such situation in your system? It seems that all your accounts has one currency and it can be converted all at once using "Exchange" function. Well, thanks for your system. Too bad I can't use it :(

04. 10. 2010, 15:50

*Vitalidze:* Hi, it looks interesting. But accounts in our system haven't multiple or single currency setting. Import with accounts feature we will consider in next development cycle. Thanks.

04. 10. 2010, 08:52

Hi everybody. I've registered today in your web site. Everything seems to be fine, but I have some feature requests. If this will be done I will use your service. Of course I'm just asking you, but it's a bit critical for me. Please excuse me if my requirements are too strict. <br> I'm logging now my expenses in some other web site, which does similar things that yours. It can export all my records as CSV file. So I'd like to import it and you have such a feature, but it's too simple, so it can't track neither records currency nor the account, which it belongs to. <br> I suggest to add a column with account name, which will be created automatically during import. Also I suppose that each account should have either multiple or single currency setting. So in case of multiple currencies for account I suggest to add a column with currency ticker in import. <br> Altogether: 1) Add a possibility to import data on several accounts with automatic creation 2) Add a possibility to have either multiple or one currency per account <br> Thanks for your time reading this :)

28. 09. 2010, 23:04