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Reconcile with bank statements

Hi, excellent app... I agree with ian, a checkbox to reconcile would be excellent to keep record off all the records that are already in our bank accounts. Cheers...

21. 10. 2008, 18:05

Hi, Great app, first of all. I would like to suggest a feature though. At the end of the week I usually compare my entries on sMoneybox with my online bank statement. It's usually easy but I can't always remember which entries have already been compared (reconciled) because they don't always show up in the same order. It'd be nice to have a checkbox beside each entry on sMoneybox to mark it as reconciled -- meaning it showed up on my bank's website and the amount is the same as on sMoneybox. Any item not checkmarked would be items that haven't showed up on the bank's website (maybe the merchant hasn't cashed the check yet). Does that make sense? Thanks, ian

09. 01. 2008, 00:07

*Tumana:* We will see :)

31. 03. 2008, 09:17

Follow-up: I consider the 'reconcile checkbox' a pretty basic feature. The basic checkbook ledger - at least in America - has a little box for you to 'X' when the charge appears on your bank statement. A way to say "I've confirmed it was charged properly". Thanks for the service. I think you guys have a really good app which would be only better by being able to reconcile charges. Take care.

10. 03. 2008, 01:46

Okay. Thanks. Maybe a couple other users will agree on its usefulness and will ask for it as well. ;) Cheers, ian

11. 01. 2008, 17:47

*Tumana:* Hello, thanks for your interest. To your question – we strive to make sMoneybox system as simple as possible and at the same time we want to satisfy most of our users. If there were wider demand for this function from more users, we will consider its implementation but we are not going to do this now.

11. 01. 2008, 12:05