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Exchange lost information help help!!!!
*Anonym:* Hello, we can't recover incremental backups.

20. 04. 2012, 06:13
it happened the same to me.. how can i recover yesterday version?

18. 04. 2012, 19:40
Step to detail was experiencing the key function of the exchange program enter currency values ​​to practice. after this I again made ​​ingrsar as I always do a value or income again and I find that all income / expenses and other notes were I to 0, would need to recover the original values thanks

18. 04. 2012, 01:17
Hello, can you write us please what exactly happened to you? And what you would need?

17. 04. 2012, 05:48
good afternoon Would need experienced help with my registry and select the key exchange, as a result I lost all my information expressed in Argentine pesos, it really is very important to get that information Atte Hernan

13. 04. 2012, 18:02