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Access to iPhone app
Just one more thing, with so many apps out there that can do the same thing it would not take much to change ships and move to a more user friendly one. I have not gone yet but am one of the 1,000 of people who want instant gratification and want their gadgets to work properly. Cheers

02. 03. 2011, 12:50
Who else is having a problem logging in with their iPhone?? not such a great app if the darned thing doesn't even work. Hello, folks, at least an explanation would be good. Thanks

02. 03. 2011, 12:47
I cannot log in using my iPhone, what seems to be the problem?

02. 03. 2011, 12:45
Dont Login possible with iPhone update

23. 02. 2011, 11:38
We apologize for the inconvenience. We have some serious problem with https connection. Today, we made a quick fix that change connection from https to http. This fix have been send to apple for approval. Should be available in 3-5 days. Thanks for your patience Vaclav Dovrtel

14. 02. 2011, 17:03
Hi, I wanted to login, but I don't get pass the user Login and Password. Shouldn't I use the same user name and password I use to login to the web UI? (I mean... I use my email as login and the same password you sent me by email)

13. 02. 2011, 18:31